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just mediaworks music group

It’s born! FameMachine is here – we have some limited edition CD’s with some cool promos going on! Email us at info@justmediaworks.com


About Us

just mediaworks is a boutique media+technology company in St. Louis, MO.


What started out as a request for help with music distribution has grown into a roster of independent artists with a small but devoted international following. I have been working in and around entertainment for nearly two decades (screenwriting) and I didn’t know anything about the music business other than what I had read or seen on Behind The Music. But when this group of young media makers approached me, the request was simple: will you help us? “We just want to be creative and not get into being famous or dealing with record companies or being cheated, and you already have a company…so…” And here we are.

I am delighted to help the team out. They are humble and truly not in it to be famous. They work hard at their craft and want to make great music. I applaud them and work just as hard to make their dreams a reality. Which is how the group came up with the name The Culprit Manifest. And yes, dreams do come true!


Judith A. Culp
CEO, just mediaworks

The Culprit Manifest

Our version of the Fab Four: Agents W, X, Y, Z.

When I asked the team to describe their sound they said: if you can make it sound humble, it’s driving through Paris in a Lamborghini. So this is that. I present that to you humbly. That does sound like a great night! Tell us what you think sounds cool!

Joining the team are

indie hip-hop artist: i7ui7e, lyricist & chief spitter

indie electronic: DJ Revocat